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Search Process

1. Develop an understanding of the organization

    We visit with the client and other key executives as often as is required to understand the history, structure and operations of the organization.  We seek to obtain a profile of the personal characteristics of successful executives within the company.  In addition, we will review any relevant documents including compensation and benefit data, annual reports, product service literature and organizational charts. We become knowledgeable about the organization prior to discussing the position with prospective candidates.

2. Develop a position specification

    A draft position specification for each position is developed, which describes the basic responsibilities, title, reporting relationships, compensation, education and experience required meeting the desired performance criteria. 

3. Identify Qualified Candidates

    A search to locate persons with qualifications that closely match the requirements will be initiated after the position specification has been finalized. It is our practice to research appropriate organizations to locate individuals who meet the position specification and who have demonstrated patterns of accomplishment and success in positions which closely match the client's requirements.  We will contact these individuals as well as those from our data processing systems and other confidential files on a direct inquiry basis.  The process is designed to yield a number of qualified candidates to compare and evaluate competitively against each other.

4. Present to you the results of our search efforts in a Progress Meeting

    Approximately five to six weeks from commencement of the search, we will present the client with mini resumes of candidates whose backgrounds fit the position specification.  At this point, we will have qualified these potential candidates primarily by telephone and face-to-face interviews.  We will review these backgrounds with the client and select the candidates for an in depth interviewing process.

5. Interview Candidates to Define Strengths/Weaknesses

    The most qualified and interested candidates will be personally interviewed to obtain a realistic understanding of their accomplishments, capabilities and potential.  Candidates are further evaluated to determine any limitations they would bring to the position.  We will present a report to the client describing the past work experience, the education for each candidate whom we recommend the client to interview.

6. Present Best Qualified Candidates to Management

    The final two or more individuals best qualified for this position will be presented to the client for consideration.  The initial meeting may be followed by additional in-depth interviews, as appropriate, to select the candidate who best satisfies the need of the position.  The client usually makes the final selection and offer of employment.  Scott Rodgers & Associates will be available to assist in negotiating the appropriate compensation in all aspects of completing their employment offer.

7. Conduct Reference Checks on Successful Candidates

    It is our practice to speak directly with individuals who are, or have been, in positions to evaluate the candidate's performance on the job.  We rely upon the information provided to us by those individuals.  We will also verify university degrees.  Confidential written references summarizing our findings from the information provided by third parties will be presented on the final candidate, or those to whom an offer of employment is made.  To protect the candidate's confidentiality, reference checks are generally performed only after the client expresses strong interest in a particular candidate.